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Posted 11/13/2020

For those who are HAMs or have a PEG license and a Pi-Star based Hotspot we have made a  Digital Reflector is available to you. The reflector will support DMR, D-Star and Yaesu System Fusion digital radios.

If you have a DMR radio you will need to open the Pi-Star configuration screen and enter the settings below. Be sure to choose DMRGateway as your DMR Master and hit "Apply" . Once applied you will see the XLX Master section of the DMR Configuration. If you are not using the BrandMeister or DMR+ networks, you can leave them switch off. If you are using one or both, turn them on and choose the master you use. But for IMAS we are only interested in the XLX section.

On your radio you will have to create a channel to with the frequency of your Hotspot and be sure it uses TS2 and Talkgroup 6. If you don't you hostspot will not switch to XLX mode and it will transmit to the BrandMeister or DMR+ network.

This a screen from the Anytone-878, yours my differ but you will need the contact or Talkgroup to be 6 and the TS to be TS2. You can use a duplex or simplex hotspot.